Present Heart of Japan!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Ishikawa Mino Washi paper goods workshop in the Mino Washi paper village, Mino city, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Ishikawa Paper Goods Ltd. was founded in 1902. We manufacture over 1600 traditional Japanese goods.
In May 2016, we opened our shop so that people can enjoy the experience of making our traditional paper goods for themselves. Located in “Udatsu”, an area of Mino city famous for it’s traditional architecture, it’s also a great place for sightseeing.
We invite you to join our workshop, where you can make Japanese paper dolls, paper dish and really experience Japanese culture! We look forward to seeing you soon.



What is Mino Washi paper goods workshop?

There are 30 different handicrafts to choose from in the workshop. For example, if you would like to make a Japanese paper doll, you can select from Samurai, Sumo, Ninja, Princess Kaguya, Koinobori (traditional carp), beckoning cats, goldfish, rabbits, kittens, owls, frogs, dog and 20 more. They’re so cute! Alternatively, make a Japanese paper dish decorated with beautiful, traditional Yuzen Washi Paper. Your item will be a handmade original and will make a special memory to take home from Japan.
Workshops are available in English and Chinese, with stuff to assist you. Each item takes about 15~30 minutes to complete. Up to 40 people per workshop.


Name Ishikawa Mino Washi Paper Goods Workshop
Address 1909-3 Motozumi-cho, Mino-city, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Contents Workshop, Selling 600 kind of souvenirs of Japanese goods
Open 11:00~16:00
Contact +81-(0)575-33-0228 shigyo@jt7.so-net.ne.jp
Head Office Ishikawa Paper Goods Ltd.

To place orders, make inquiries, or ask questions, please contact us on:

TEL. +81-(0)575-33-0228FAX. +81-(0)575-35-1363

OPEN: Weekdays local time 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Closed Saturdays, Sundays.

Ishikawa Paper Goods Ltd. Founded 1902 Manufacturing Japanese Paper Goods.

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